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Published on August 20th, 2018 |


Piedmont Hospital, Buckhead Coalition provide trauma kits to houses of worship

Piedmont Hospital and Buckhead Coalition have joined to distribute trauma kits to the synagogue and 35 churches in Buckhead.

“This is a civic service we are proud to provide, at a timely period in public safety history,” said Kevin L. Brown, president and CEO of Piedmont Healthcare Inc.

Kevin L. Brown, president and CEO of Piedmont Healthcare Inc., partnered with Buckhead Coalition to provide trauma kits to houses of worship.

The coalition began distributing trauma kits four years ago to frontline police officers after it learned from its sister community’s governor in Bermuda of the life-saving statistic they had earned.  Health agencies reported that 4 of 5 deaths in policing were caused by loss of blood.

“There’s no new emergency,” coalition President Sam Massell said, “but based on international examples, it is smart to be prepared.”

Massell wrote to senior clergy, concerned “that assemblies in Buckhead’s houses of worship – whether for religious services, weddings, funerals, or other events – could be targeted for mass shooting attacks as has occurred elsewhere.”

Each kit containing a tourniquet, a combat compression bandage/compression wrap, sterile gauze pack, in a waterproof crush-resistant, self-contained environment, with a pressure release valve and individual lockable closure tabs, and an instructional placard mounted on the inside of the lid.

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