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Commentary: Bottoms loses, Norwood wins AJC’s truth testing analysis

COMMENTARY: The Atlanta Journal-Constitution printed an excellent truth analysis (in this Sunday’s paper) of claims and accusations being hurled at each other by the two candidates for Atlanta mayor in the runoff election on Tuesday, Dec. 5.

It seemed very clear to this reporter Mary Norwood came through the critical review with high marks for truthfulness and transparency, while Keisha Lance Bottoms failed the tests on several fronts, including many years of disclosure of financial problems, failure to fully pay city water/sewer bills and her purchase of a $1 million vacation home on Martha’s Vineyard.

Because instilling ethics, transparency and honesty in the operations at City Hall—and ridding City Hall of the pervasive corruption and under-the-table dealings—have become a major focal

City Councilwoman Felicia Moore

point of this mayoral campaign, this reporter feels as many potential voters as possible should read this AJC piece. Click here to link to it.

If after reading it, there remain those who don’t believe Mary Norwood is the best person to be elected Atlanta’s next mayor, then there is a very major problem among Atlanta’s electorate that will do nothing but hurt the future of the city.

And, with the same goal of instilling ethics, transparency and honesty in City Hall operations, the obviously most dedicated and qualified candidate for President of City Council in Tuesday’s runoff election is Councilwoman Felicia Moore.

That is the opinion of one journalist who has closely monitored Atlanta politics for some 40 years.

But it is not enough to believe in these two candidates. They risk not getting elected if voters simply voice their support for them but fail to go to the polls and cast their votes for Mary Norwood and Felicia Moore. The results in these races are likely to be close and every vote will count toward Atlanta’s future. Vote on Tuesday!

–John Schaffner

(Lead photo taken by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution)




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