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Published on January 14th, 2017 |


S. Buckhead condo owners outraged over DS17 Lounge shooting, noise problems

By John Schaffner

Atlanta City Councilwoman Mary Norwood and Georgia House of Representatives member Beth Beskin met Jan. 5 with representatives of the Aramore, Astoria and Peachtree Battle condominiums this week to discuss reported problems, including a shooting, at the DS17 Lounge, 2285 Peachtree Road in south Buckhead.

The DS17 Lounge is on the first floor of the Peachtree Battle Condos high-rise building.

The DS17 Lounge, located next to Imperial Fez on Peachtree, is owned by Dennis Schroder, who wears number 17 as a player with the Atlanta Hawks—thus the DS17 name of the lounge.

Windows of The Peachtree Battle Condos have bullet holes in them following a recent shooting in front of the DS17 Lounge. Reportedly, Atlanta Police have responded to several incidents at DS17, including the shooting and a recent late-night brawl outside the lounge. The lounge reportedly stays open until daylight.

Following the shooting incident, a cry for help from The Peachtree Battle Condos went out to the Buckhead condo community and the Jan. 5 night meeting followed. The Peachtree Battle Condos are located above the two stories of commercial units which include DS17 Lounge.

Peachtree Battle Condos owners’ association president Clay McAbee is the person who called the meeting of concerned residents and neighbors. In an email, Mc Abee wrote, “DS17 has been a public nuisance since it began operating in early 2016.”

McAbee wrote: “Recently there were two separate incidents outside the lounge. There was a large brawl that the police had to come and break up. The next night there was a shooting that resulted in damage to the building as well as the one next door. Thankfully, no one was injured. On New Year’s Eve there was partying until well after 4:30 am with music so loud it could be heard on the top floor (14th) of the building.”

McAbee pointed out that these were not the first incidents at DS17. “The club is open past 4 in the morning on weekends which is a major disruption to the

Hawks player Dennis Shroder is the owner of DS17 Lounge

residents of the building. I suspect that they are serving alcohol past 2:30 (because what else would you be doing at a bar),” he wrote in his email.

“Music coming from the club can frequently be heard on the upper floors of the building and there are residents who cannot sleep through the noise. In addition to being called because of noise violations, the police are regularly called to deal with unruly patrons, and to break up fights,” McAbee continued.

“The residents of the building are fearful of this club and rightly so,” explained McAbee.

“Their safety and quality of life have been negatively impacted by this club and I am asking for your help. I have been fearful that something like the shooting this past weekend would occur at some point, and now my fears have been realized. I have emailed everyone, I can think of to try and get some sort of result and I have been able to get nothing but empty promises,” his email stated.

An advertisement for a DS17 Lounge special event.

McAbee wrote that he had contacted Shroder’s agent as well as a VP with the Hawks organization “and had multiple conversations with both. None of these conversations have led to any improvement. Now, there is no more time to waste because there are literally bullets flying. I am asking for your help to bring attention to this matter before someone is injured or worse.”

About 20 concerned residents attended the meeting, including Post 2 At-Large Councilwoman Norwood, who is a candidate for mayor, GA House Dist. 5 Rep. Beskin, Buckhead Condo Alliance President Ben Howard and residents of the nearby condos.

According to those at the meeting, Norwood told the homeowners how they might be able to shut the DS17 Lounge down based upon how the homeowners in Morningside and Virginia Highlands shut down a similar situation lounge two years ago.

Norwood also reported that there is a new APD commander who she believes will deal with the problem, according to reports from those at the meeting.

BuckheadView was told that Norwood actually handed out assignments to those attending the meeting—such as taking the issue to the city’s Liquor Review Board, which licenses lounges and restaurants, meeting with the lounge owner and the owner of the property, etc.

Dist. 7 City Councilman Howard Shook, who was unable to attend the meeting, has also been working with the police department and the residents to find a way to deal with the problem. Shook said he only saw notice of the meeting too late to attend because of having to deal with major damage caused to his home by recent rains.

“I’ve already initiated several avenues that might generate the needed attention regarding the club (including the Health Department, noise problems, and liquor license violation),” Shook wrote in an email to McAbee and others involved in the meeting.

“The last two are city responsibilities that frankly have never been run well,” Shook wrote. “I will email all of you an update on the chances of getting a productive response can be increased. But in a nutshell, I will send some key email addresses and ask as many people as possible to contact the appropriate bureaucrats.”

(The Health Department is a Fulton County government function.)

Shook also told the recipients of his email, “There’s been a MAJOR shakeup in APDs command staff (including our Zone). So I’m more optimistic than I otherwise would be.”

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  1. Direen parks says:

    Yes I live in that building and went to the meeting I have lived in the building for 25 years and am outraged that this could happen I deal with this each and every weekend it’s so crazy fireen

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