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Published on October 5th, 2016 |


Out-of-town visitor assaulted by 3 men with guns at N. Buckhead neighborhood

The North Buckhead Civic Association printed online a report Monday, Sept. 3, by one of its residents of a 39-year-old guest in her house being assaulted by three men with guns as she drove up to the code stand to open the security gate to the resident’s neighborhood.

At approximately 4:30 am, Saturday morning, the out-of-town female guest staying at the North Buckhead resident’s home on Wieuca Overlook was accosted in her car when she pulled into the street and up to the security gate, according to her North Buckhead host.

Within seconds three men, with guns and all wearing black hoodies surrounded her car, according to the report. They reportedly tried to gain entry into the car while screaming for her to get out and “give them everything she had.”

“Fortunately, she had the composure to quickly process the situation and her exposure to great danger.  She put her car in reverse, threw her body across the passenger seat and “floored” the gas,” according to the report sent to the North Buckhead online newsletter by the resident.

Apparently, according to the report, “It was her intent to at least have more exposure on Wieuca Road., better lighting and a passing car.  As she attempted to flee, the assailants fired as many as eight to nine bullets.”

The visitor’s car not only hit the brick pillar at the neighborhood entrance, but also the robbers’ car, which was parked on Wieuca Road. It is not known if there was a fourth member of the gang who might have been behind the wheel the car when it was hit.

Four police cars arrived within minutes of the victim’s 911 call and are now reviewing film from cameras at the Peachtree/Wieuca intersection, according to the report.

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