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Published on September 29th, 2016 |


BuckheadView editor leaving Atlanta; future of news service a question

To the loyal readers of BuckheadView:

After 39-plus years as a resident of Atlanta—more than 20 of those as a news journalist—I am leaving and moving on with my wife Karen to another phase of our lives at Amelia Island, Florida.

When I launched BuckheadView in April 2011, I was about to turn 70, and was looking for something to keep me active and engaged in the community.

The past five-plus years have been among the most rewarding of my career, not to mention the most fun. It’s been a lot of work, too–we have posted nearly 3,000 articles as of this week.

Much of that is due to you—the readers. Your active engagement has helped BuckheadView become so much bigger than I ever expected. Today, the site has 60,000 unique visitors a month, more than 700,000 unique visitors a year and more than 3.5 million page views per year.

Constant Contact, which handles the distribution of our weekly newsletter, has ranked BuckheadView as one of its top performing newsletters nationally for the past four years. That All-Star ranking is based on the high percentage of you who open it each week and read the articles.

Although this venture has not brought me financial success, it has brought me many riches in terms of the people I have met and worked with, friendships and the feeling of simply contributing something in the way of knowledge and understanding to those who live and work in the Buckhead community. I will miss that.

But it is time to move on to my next adventure—most likely in some form of community journalism in the Jacksonville area.

What about BuckheadView?

I am actively looking for someone to take over the reins—of both the 24-7 online news service and the weekly subscriber emailed newsletter. If that does not happen by Oct. 14, BuckheadView will be closed down. I will be sad to see that happen.

John Schaffner, owner/editor

BuckheadView online news service


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22 Responses to BuckheadView editor leaving Atlanta; future of news service a question

  1. Andrea Bennett says:

    John, your fine reporting and generous personality will be sorely missed. Thank you for your hard work and many contributions. Please don’t be a stranger!

  2. Rob says:

    I’ve enjoyed your newsletter. Happy to you for your move, but sad to miss this wonderful service.

  3. Schlegman Sheldon says:

    John :
    You were the best Promoter for Buckhead.
    You kept us aware of what was good and bad.
    As a result Buckhead is a better place to live.
    Thanks for your contributions to our lives.
    Have a great time on Amelia Island.

    Shel Schlegman
    Tree hugger

    • John Schaffner says:

      Shel: Thank you so much for your very kind note. You are the one who has contributed so much to Buckhead and Atlanta. I only wrote about it.


  4. Sharon says:

    Oh, John. I am so sad to see you leave. You are Mr. Buckhead as much as Sam is!
    I wish you and Karen a wonderful life in Amelia Island.

    It has been my great pleasure to know you both. John, through The Buckhead Story to Reporter Newspapers, to your Buckhead View, for the last 12 years, you’ve kept us educated on the issues. I’ll miss you and Buckhead View. I hope someone will step up to carry your torch.

    Enjoy retirement.

    Best always,
    Sharon Silva

    • John Schaffner says:

      Sharon: Thank you so much for your kind note. You have been a wonderful friend over the many years we have known each other…a friendship I will always remember. The best of every thing to you.


  5. John,
    As a friend, I will miss you and your wonderful wife Karen. I remember when you came to one of the earliest NCA meetings upstairs in a small Bates Ace Hardware store when we were in its infancy. I was not sure what you wanted because Your MO was so unusual. You were creating something unique by literally going to every single neighborhood meeting, somehow over time to write about where northwest Atlanta was going in a coherent manner and for the first time you often gave top billing to neighborhoods. In addition you put a lifetime of successful writing and editing and experience as managing editor of the Atlamta Joutrnal into a community newspaper ,Managing keep The Story in business for years. Your energy was unmatched by people 1/2 your age and your writing was detailed, Immaculate and flawless.
    You gave northwest Atlanta and adjacent areas,a masterpiece and we got to hear your point of view. We rarely agreed politically on broader national issues but you always,gave the neighborhoods and neighborhood groups equal,status to the elites of this,city. You often editorialized You and I would joke sometimes because you would break a story and 7 months later we would see it in our daily. Good people there definitely understaffed, but you just out worked everybody. Sometimes 3 or more meetings in a day and your paper became the paper of record for neighborhoods. Probably not by coincidence the NCA and your paper grew exponentially and in sync. I,was going to say your became a Bernie Sanders type rock star but I guess I could substitute Donald. But you get the point. You took on mayors, the bureaucracy and council and you were fearless the way a real reporter should be. You know I despise publicity but in one of your New Years issues where you gave thanks you put me and the then Tech president in the same sentence thanking us for our work. I don’t say that because of me its,that you viewed a community activist and a university president on the same level. Trappings and titles don’t impress you, but accomplishments do. You moved on to put out the Reporter then the BUCKHEAD View with the same diligence. And lastly I will tell your readers you received the NCA award for commitment to the community, something pretty,rare to give to a reporter and received a long ovation.
    So I certainly hope someone steps up and keeps BuckheadView. John you set the gold standard .
    Mike Koblentz
    Northwest Community Alliance

    • John Schaffner says:

      Sorry I did not respond sooner, but I was down at Amelia Island taking care of some business things.
      You have not only been a friend to Karen and me, but you were our real estate agent that worked out our move to a Buckhead condo and to the formation of BuckheadView.
      I too recall that first meeting where we met in the upstairs at ACE Hardware on Howell Mill Road. Like The Story from the West Side newspaper, the Northwest Community Alliance also to be in a start-up mode–small but heavily involved in the community. We grew together, as you said. I will never forget the night of the NCA meeting when the NCA presented me with the community service award and City Council members Mary Norwood and Felicia Moore presented me with a City Council resolution thanking me for helping to bring recognition to the northwest Atlanta area. Both awards are prominently displayed in my office and will be also in my new home office on Amelia Island.
      You are correct when you say trappings and titles don’t impress me but accomplishments do. Your accomplishments on behalf of the neighborhoods of northwest and west Atlanta over the past 16 years have been phenominal as an unpaid community volunteer. You should be heavily rewarded for your service and I applaud you for all that you have done. I hope we will remain friends and will keep in touch with each other about community and personal issues. I wish you all the best in the future, Michael.


  6. sherry gaynes says:

    I feel as though I know you.
    Taking on this initiative right at the time I became curious about Buckhead, you provided me a vehicle of engagement unlike any other.
    Fair, thorough and timely, your prose offers clarification and illumination on the changing and growing scene.
    I’m saddened but not selfish.
    I wish you all the best in your changes and continued growth.

    • John Schaffner says:

      Ms. Gaynes: Thank you for such a nice note. I am happy that I could provide you some help in becoming engaged with the Buckhead community over the past few years. I wish you the best in the future.

      John Schaffner

  7. Terri Thornton says:

    I’m so sorry to see you go, but am so excited about your move to such a wonderful place! I will miss you! And Amelia Island is lucky to have you!

    • John Schaffner says:

      Thank you Terri. I have enjoyed working with you over the years on stories. The best to you in the future.


  8. Elizabeth Pritchard says:


    Best wishes for a successful transition to Amelia Island. Thank you for your dedication to Buckhead and to keeping us informed of all that affects our community. Your newsletter has been enlightening and informative.

    Elizabeth Pritchard

  9. Scott Peterson says:

    John, you have been a weekly must read for me since moving to Buckhead over 5 years ago. We wish you all the best and we can’t thank you enough for how you have made our community a better one! I hope this site can find enough volunteers for you to pass the baton to. I think the John Shaffner Park Over 400 has a nice ring to it.

    All the very best to you and your family.

    • John Schaffner says:

      Thank you very much for your kind note and I am happy that my work has helped you adjust to life in Buckhead over the past five years. As for the park, there are those at the BCID that would rather kill the whole concept than even hear such a naming suggestion.

  10. Buckhead Bob says:

    We will ALL miss your quality journalism and your self-effacing style, John! May the future be as bright for you as your journalistic beacon has been for Atlanta!

  11. Justin Wiedeman says:

    We will certainly miss your service John. I’ve enjoyed working on stories with you for nearly 2 decades and you have had a real and positive impact on our neighborhoods.

    But it’s also good to know I have a place to stay on Amelia Island now……

    Justin Wiedeman

    • John Schaffner says:

      Justin: I have enjoyed working with you on stories over the past two decades and being able to call you a friend. I appreciate your very nice note and you will be welcomed if you visit us at Amelia Island.


  12. Good for you and Karen. Have fun. You’ll be missed, but I’m sure your next chapter will be another fun and rewarding time. All the best, Wayne

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