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Published on September 20th, 2016 |


Solar-powered compacting trash BigBellies coming to Buckhead’s sidewalks

Solar-powered compacting trash cans known as BigBellies may soon grace the sidewalks of Peachtree Road in the commercial districts of Buckhead after the Buckhead Community Improvement District completes a five-year contract with the city of Atlanta.

The Bigbellies that will be coming to Buckhead initially will not have advertising or art on them.

The BigBellies that will be coming to Buckhead initially will not have advertising or art on them.

A previously hesitant BCID board apparently approved the deal with Massachusetts-based BigBelly after a change in the company’s business model, which involves placing advertising on the cans. Some CID board members didn’t want that billboard type of look on Buckhead streets.

The public will not know what the vote among BCID board members was regarding the BigBellies, because the approval was one item among many on a “consent agenda” approved by the board at its September meeting—a new practice adopted for that meeting.

The current deal will bring BigBellies without ads and also without art—at least for the time being.

BigBelly will be paid $153.42 per station per month, according to CID Executive Director Jim Durrett, but there is no indication of how many BigBellies will be on Buckhead streets or where they will be located. When they will appear is also still unknown.

The idea of artwork on the BigBellies remains a future possibility, according to Durrett. But for now they will just be large, artless trash bins that might be modified later with advertising messages, artwork or whatever.

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