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Published on September 8th, 2016 |


Camden moving forward with 2nd apartment project, to face Roswell Road

Camden Property Trust, having completed Camden Paces Apartments that replaced the former Paces Apartment complex at 77 East Andrews Drive, is now getting ready to launch Camden Buckhead, 374 apartments in two urban-styled nine-story buildings facing Roswell Road on the site.

Bob Vance of Kimley-Horn shows how Paces Ferry Place will intersect at a traffic signal with Roswwll Road and form he drive between the two buildings.

Bob Vance of Kimley-Horn shows how Paces Ferry Place will intersect at a traffic signal with Roswwll Road and form he drive between the two buildings.

Camden brought an entourage to the Sept. 7 meeting of the Development Review Committee for Special Public Interest District 9 to present the plans and ask for a few minor variances before applying for a Special Administrative Permit to begin construction.

Bob Vance, of Kimley-Horn consulting firm, set the record straight from the beginning of the presentation that this was not “phase two of Camden Paces Apartments—it is Camden Buckhead—and “it has a very different look and feel from Camden Paces.”

With the development of Camden Buckhead, there will also be a couple of noticeable Buckhead roadway changes involved. Paces Ferry Place will be continued from within the Camden Paces development to intersect with Roswell Road directly across from the present Gramercy apartment complex. An active traffic signal will be installed at that location as part of the project.

Also, Cains Hill Place will also be continued across East Andrews Drive to connect with Roswell Road north of where East Andrews now connects with Roswell. This half-moon new roadway will serve to form the final parcel that Camden will develop in the future as a mixed-use project.

Kevin Reynolds, of Niles Bolton Associates, explained that all of Roswell Road will have new sidewalks and tree plantings to Andrews Drive and all of the streetscaping will be in compliance with SPI-9 specifications.

Architect Brian Ward told he SPI-9 DRC members that he had been looking at designs of buildings in Brooklyn (NY) to come up with the urban design for Camden Buckhead that would be

Architect Brian Ward shows the urban style of the Camden Buckhead project.

Architect Brian Ward shows the urban style of the Camden Buckhead project.

distinctive and different from the southern traditional red brick style of Camden Paces.

Each of the two buildings will be nine stories tall and will have terrace frontages on Roswell Road. The combined two buildings will have 234 one-bedroom units and 131 two-bedroom units with penthouses on the top floors of the two buildings.

Price point for the units will be $2.20 per square foot. Total size of the project is 470,000 square feet, with resident parking being under the residential units in each building.

“We are working to make sure that the buildings have some articulations,” Ward explained, “creating more of an urban style.” Several members of the committee praised the style of the buildings, “because they are not the same cookie-cutter style buildings we see coming through here every time.”

One of the key challenges to construction is that the typography of the land drops off dramatically at the back of the buildings and there is a stream that runs through the property in that area, which Camden plans to enclose with a culvert.

The DRC members suggested a few changes to the façade of the buildings to make them comply with SPI-9 regulations without requiring additional zoning variations, which were agreed to on the spot by Camden’s representative Chad Weaver, who is in charge of the company’s southeast region operations.


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8 Responses to Camden moving forward with 2nd apartment project, to face Roswell Road

  1. Zero Polulation Growth Guy says:

    Good gawd – can nobody stop the over development of Buckhead and ATL??? There are not enough streets to handle the traffic! (Is someone is getting paid-off on the zoning board???)

  2. Zero Polulation Growth Guy says:

    Keep in mind that the flooding that homes are experiencing downhill from there is a direct result of the cutting-down of trees and bulldozing the grounds.

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  4. Zero Polulation Growth Guy says:

    PLEASE stop this over-development!

  5. Jake says:

    This area of Buckhead is going to end up being the dated ghetto in the middle of everything nice if you people keep fighting progress. Just look at that stretch of Peachtree and Piedmont surrounding Buckhead Forest already. It looks like the hood compared to Lenox and Shops Buckhead.

    This development looks great in my opinion.

  6. Jake says:

    Also – for the traffic whiners. These apartments mean that a lot of people who work in Buckhead won’t have to live miles away and drive their cars to work. And if they do decide to drive to work they would have been doing it anyway from further away. Please attempt to use your brains.

    I can assume that these people are working in Buckhead because Buckhead’s residents are so backwards no one young actually wants to live here unless they work here.

    If you hate traffic and development so much move to the suburbs, or move closer to work, or buy a bike.

  7. Traffic Cop says:

    Did anyone not notice the price point of $2.20 per sq. ft.? At some point in the near future the shit will hit the fan, and what happens when occupancy numbers start to drop? Look at the half built commercial space up by Bartaco! Was supposed to be a cool gourmet grocery store but they went bankrupt, and all work ceased. When someone from LA tells you that ATL traffic is almost as bad, it makes you wonder.

  8. Penelope malone says:

    Great. So the few remaining trees along Roswell Road now will be cut down and we will get two MORE traffic lights to replace them. There were a few feet of Roswell Road without a traffic light so its good that we got that addressed.

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