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Buckhead Library customers beware of restrictions on parking

People who frequent the Buckhead Public Library told Channel 2 Action News a booting company is too aggressive booting cars in the library branch’s parking lot. Signs in the parking lot say customers only, but customers say the rules are unclear.

Charles Huff was stuck at the library parking lot Wednesday afternoon on Buckhead Avenue NE after a parking attendant booted his SUV.

Huff called Castle Parking Solutions to dispute the boot. Channel 2’s Rikki Klaus called the company as well. A manager told Klaus if a driver steps off library property, their car could be booted.

According to Huff, he never left the library premises.

“Standing out here in the sun with my bald head, I’ll probably have a sunburn by the time they get here,” Huff told WSB-TV.

Eventually the boot was removed from Huff’s car after attendants determined Huff wasn’t the man they saw leaving the property.

Daryn Zimmerman wasn’t so lucky. She left the library parking lot with books in hand and went two doors down for a minute.

“A company has decided up a rule. They’ve not posted it or shared it anywhere. They’re then wrongfully booting people and then forcing them under duress to pay a ticket,” Zimmerman said. It’s a $75 ticket

Stephanie Horlock also paid, after she left the lot for five minutes. “That’s normal, and if there’s nothing here telling us we can’t do that, then I just didn’t feel like this was right,” Horlock said.

Castle Parking Solutions says it’s reduced the problem of people parking in the library lot and then going shopping at The Shops Buckhead Atlanta businesses nearby tenfold. The company says their services are needed.

Library employees were not able to say who gets the boot removal money and who owns the parking lot.

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    One Response to Buckhead Library customers beware of restrictions on parking

    1. T says:

      The problem with these operators is that there is no gray area. I was recently booted at my bank’s branch because I went 175 ft next door to grab coffee while waiting for the branch to open. Walked out of my bank’s doors and found my car booted because I stepped off the property. Nevermind it was 8:45am and I wasn’t preventing anyone from patronizing the other businesses in the center (who didn’t open until 10am). It’s a predatory practice that goes beyond reason.

      You shouldn’t be expected to move your car into a new lot if you are making a quick trip to a nearby property so long as you were conducting business at one of the businesses served by that parking lot.

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