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Juicy Jenny closes shop Saturday after 3 years serving healthy fare

As of Saturday, July 2nd, three-year-old Juicy Jenny will close its doors at 56 E. Andrews Drive in Buckhead.

Brought to Buckhead by the same person behind Souper Jenny—that’s Jenny Levison—Juicy Jenny has been a health-conscious juice bar serving organic juices, good-for-you smoothies and other healthy snacks.

In a posting on Facebook, Levison told her juicy followers: “I will personally be working the juice bar Friday, our last day, and I hope you will stop by.”

Jenny Levison is getting ready to close the original Juicy Jenny restaurant at Andrews Drive in Buckhead.

Jenny Levison is getting ready to close the original Juicy Jenny restaurant at Andrews Drive in Buckhead.

She explained to her customers, “The costs of labor, overhead and organics was just not balancing with the price I felt we could charge and I did not want to lower the quality of what we were producing.”

Levison wrote on Facebook, “Working within the world of juicing has taught me a great deal. Organics are expensive and the labor involved to cold press fantastic juice costs as much or more as the product itself.

“When we say five pounds of vegetables go into your 16 ounce juice, we mean it!,” she added.

Levison also promised her customers, “As soon as possible, we will move our juice production to one of our other stores, so you can still get your organic juice fix in Buckhead and Brookhaven as well as gluten free/vegan baked goods. We will also be more mindful of our Vegan and gluten free options at all of our Souper Jenny locations,” she added.

“Over the past week, I have returned to the kitchen in one of our Souper Jenny stores which has been a wonderful reminder of why I came into this business,” Levison wrote. “I am extremely passionate about good food, good people and nourishing our community through sitting around the table and sharing an experience.”

Levison stated: “As always, I am an open book about business and I want to be honest and tell you that this has been such a difficult decision to make because my life has never been about the financials of what our stores make, but about how we serve and feed the community.”

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