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Published on June 28th, 2016 |


Fulton plans door-to-door property reassessments for future taxes

Fulton County residential property assessments are up only 2.6 percent this year—the lowest increase among the largest metro Atlanta counties—but that is likely to change next year after the county does a door-to-door reassessment of property that will begin very soon.

Chief Appraiser David Fitzgibbon said the county made a deliberate decision to avoid widespread reassessments this year because Fulton is about to begin the door-to-door review “that could raise values significantly for some property owners over the next three years.”

Assessors base their values on sales prices of comparable homes in a given neighborhood. But to compare homes, they need accurate information about the size and condition of each house.

The problem is that Fulton hasn’t conducted widespread inspections of individual houses in 26 years. In addition, for several years in the late 1990s and early 2000s, it didn’t collect building permit information from some cities.

That means there may be a lot of additions, decks, remodeled kitchens and other improvements assessors don’t know about at the present. To correct that, the county will begin the door-to-door inspections in August or September.

Assessors won’t ask to enter houses. They will just inspect the exterior to see if the appearance and condition of homes match the county’s records.

That means folks who have decks and other obvious improvements the county isn’t aware of may be looking at tax increases in the next few years.

That is because those kind of improvements generally make a house more valuable, and a tax bill is based on the value of property.

Fitzgibbon decided to hold off on a widespread reassessment of property values this year because, “We didn’t want to go out and make a slight change (in values) since we’ll be doing some major changes over the next three years.”

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    2 Responses to Fulton plans door-to-door property reassessments for future taxes

    1. Jill Chambers says:

      nothing like having the tax man snooping in your backyard…

    2. The biggest problem is when Buckhead redistricted in 2010 “neighborhoods wanted to stick together so we did not fare well on the redistricting”. Buckhead growth since then has seen the most residents per capita – we need more representatives fro Buckhead in 2020. Fact.

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