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APD helping investigation of 30 missing Atlanta Public Schools guns

The Atlanta Police Department is assisting in an investigation after 30 guns belonging to Atlanta Public Schools have apparently gone, according to an 11Alive report. An APS spokesperson reportedly confirmed the information to 11Alive news.

Neither the APS nor APD have released many details yet, but said that they were made aware of the missing weapons after receiving an anonymous phone call tip. Because it is an open investigation, there was no paperwork available. The investigation may be complete by Friday.

Atlanta Public Schools has been structuring their own police department for the last few months, as reported by 11Alive. In December 2015, the school system reached an agreement to end its contract with the Atlanta Police Department who had been providing safety support to APS.

The new school police force was promised to be in place by July 1. On Tuesday, Kimberly Green with Atlanta Public Schools told 11Alive that the first group of officers for the newly-formed department would be sworn in June 23.

But, when asked whether the missing guns were for use by the officers to be sworn in, Green told 11Alive she wasn’t sure.

Officials have not indicated where the guns were stored or who may have had access to them.

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2 Responses to APD helping investigation of 30 missing Atlanta Public Schools guns

  1. Buckhead Betty says:

    Guess APS was going to just sweep that little tidbit under the rug. This should make parents feel really safe sending little Bobby off to school. So now APS can’t educate the children properly, nor ensure their safety. How lovely.

  2. Tony says:

    If you kept up with the news, you would have seen that the issue has been resolved. And as for the anonymous tip, there is nothing more frustrating than those who have nothing better else to do with their lives than judge others. And still manage to go to church on Sunday with their head held high. Typical narrow mindedness mentality. Has anybody seen or reported on the North Atlanta Senior Class of 2016, and their achievements?

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