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BCID to add 3 intersections to rush-hour traffic officer program

With its mission of traffic control in mind, the Buckhead Community Improvement District board Wednesday voted to expand its traffic officer program for the rest of the year to include three additional problem intersections during afternoon rush hour.bcidlogo

The three intersections where the BCID will be adding traffic control officers from 4:30-6:30 p.m. five days a week are Peachtree Road at the intersection of Sardis Way and Bolling Way, Wieuca Road at Phipps Boulevard and Wieuca Road at Peachtree Road. The program will start June 13th and run through the end of the year.

The expansion will add four new officers to the BCID’s program, which already included 19 officers and was budgeted at $456,400 for 2016. The additional four officers will add a cost of $52,000 this year.

One of the most noticeable areas where the BCID’s officers have improved traffic flow is at the intersections of Piedmont and Roswell Roads at Habersham Road and Piedmont at Roswell Road. The BCID has a total of four officers deployed to those intersections five days a week.

Two of the BCID traffic officers work the intersection of Roswell and Piedmont roads.

Two BCID traffic officers work the intersection of Roswell and Piedmont roads.

BCID Program Director Tony Peters told BuckheadView the program expansion plan is to place one officer at the intersection of Peachtree and Sardis/Bolling Way and share three officers between the two intersections of Wieuca Road with Phipps Boulevard and Peachtree Road.

“We are going to let the three officers assigned to the two Wieuca Road intersections decide how to allocate their time and resources between the two intersections,” Peters said.

The BCID is also working on a permanent solution to the traffic flow at the two Wieuca Road intersections, which may include a roundabout at Wieuca and Phipps Boulevard, but it is still very much in the early planning stage and construction could not begin before 2017.

The primary responsibility of the traffic officers is to keep motorists from clogging the intersections by stopping beyond the stop lines so that traffic can continue to cross the intersections with green lights. Too often motorists block the intersections during red lights.

Peters explained that it is a real problem at Peachtree and Sardis/Bolling Way “because the stop line in the southbound Peachtree Road lane is so far back from the actual intersection crossing lanes. Cars end up in the middle of the intersection and block crossing traffic.”

During the BCID board meeting June 1, there was some discussion of possibly reducing the number of officers on duty at the three intersections of Piedmont/Roswell/Habersham roads to reduce the cost of the program expansion to $36,540 from June 13 to the end of the year.

But board member John Barton and others objected to reducing the officer strength at those three intersections and the board to approve the larger expenditure of funds to provide four new officers.

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One Response to BCID to add 3 intersections to rush-hour traffic officer program

  1. Traffic Cop says:

    Have you ever noticed that those intersections when officers are not directing traffic? It flows pretty smoothly for the most part. As someone who lives in the neighborhood, it certainly causes more backup on Roswell Road than anything. And when they are done, both the Roswell/Habersham and the Roswell/Piedmont lights are not timed correctly, hence making for more traffic. It can back up for more than 1/4 of a mile, or more. Thinking someone might need to audit those intersections.

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