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On list of most traffic-clogged cities, Atlanta ranks 13 out of 20 worst

For those who are tired of hearing about Atlanta officials who have to trot off to Portland, Oregon to see one of the country’s best transit systems, or how bike lanes help reduce traffic woes, take heart in a recent report by navigational device company TomTom.

As expected, the report says two West Coast cities—Los Angeles and San Francisco—top their list of the Top 20 most traffic-clogged cities; but Portland is No. 9 on the list and Atlanta is ranked No. 13.

That is not to say that booming metro areas in the South, including Atlanta, don’t have plenty of traffic misery of their own, but the only southern city with worse traffic woes than Portland, according to this report, is Miami.

Top 20 most traffic-clogged cities, according to TomTom are, from worst to least: Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Seattle, San Jose, Honolulu, Miami, Washington, Portland, Chicago, Houston, Boston, Atlanta, San Diego, Tampa, Orlando, Philadelphia, Baton Rouge, Nashville and New Orleans.

The TomTom Traffic Index measures congestion on the road networks of 295 cities around the world. The company says it has built a database with 14 trillion historical travel time measurements that provide detailed and accurate traffic updates for drivers in 50 countries.

Maybe now Atlanta city officials can save some of the taxpayers’ money and not travel off to Portland to study transit and traffic measures in a city more traffic-clogged than Atlanta.

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2 Responses to On list of most traffic-clogged cities, Atlanta ranks 13 out of 20 worst

  1. Jack says:

    Yea. As someone that spent much of my life living in cities other than Atlanta I have always wondered what everyone was complaining about. Traffic is not that bad here. It could certainly be better, but it’s not terrible. It would still be nice to have some bike lanes in Buckhead though.

  2. Buckhead Betty says:

    Wonder how king Kasim likes being #13 on a Worst list and being pointed out for wasting our tax dollars to send city officials to the #9 Worst city to learn “best” practices?

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