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Hal’s on Old Ivy steakhouse disputes unsatisfactory health report

The management of Hal’s on Old Ivy — one of Buckhead’s long-standing restaurant favorites, especially for cigar smokers—is refuting and has filed an appeal of a Feb. 29 health inspection that gave the steakhouse an unsatisfactory grade.

Hal's on Old Ivy steakhouse disputes Georgia health report.

Hal’s on Old Ivy steakhouse disputes Georgia health report.

“While we respect the job the health department has, we respectfully disagree with the results of the inspection,” reads a statement on the restaurant’s Facebook page. “There were multiple discrepancies in the report and we have since filed an appeal of the report.”

According to the Georgia Department of Public Health report, an inspector found so-called “slime” inside an ice machine, as well as food stored in the same ice that stores drinks, and there were flies in the kitchen.

The report also said the inspector found no paper towels or soap at several of the restaurant’s handwashing stations.

“Prior to this inspection we had never received or been given an unsatisfactory report,” the restaurant management said. “And the report just prior to this inspection we received a score of 100. Furthermore, the inspector came back on March 8 to inspect our upstairs kitchen and we received a score of 100.”

The Facebook statement says: “Over the past 25 years we have built one of the top restaurants in Atlanta and we could never have accomplished this without having great guests every night along with the knowledge of how to prepare and serve top quality food. We look forward to having the opportunity to rectify this situation so we can continue on as the best steakhouse in Atlanta.”

The read the actual Feb. 29 health report, click here.

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    One Response to Hal’s on Old Ivy steakhouse disputes unsatisfactory health report

    1. Charlie L. says:

      They don’t dispute the issues of the inspection but rather fall back on past health scores. How about address the issues brought up in the report head on?

      The report says an inspector found food being stored in the same ice used for drinks, a hand sink being used as an ice bin, steaks stored at improper temperatures, slime on the inside of the ice machine, live flies in the kitchen, food items uncovered (in a walk-in cooler) and no soap or paper towels at sinks inside of the building.

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