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Published on February 14th, 2016 |


Blasting to begin Feb. 29 for $54M Wastewater Management project

The Atlanta Department of Watershed Management has announced that it will begin blasting rock on at the R.M. Clayton Water Reclamation Center headworks Feb. 29 as part of a two-year $54 million project to reduce debris and grit in the wastewater treatment system.

Aerial photo shows part of the city of Atlanta's R. M. Clayton Water Reclamation Center in northwest Atlanta.

Aerial photo shows part of the city of Atlanta’s R. M. Clayton Water Reclamation Center in northwest Atlanta.

The blasting will create a trench 120 feet long by 85 feet wide and 40 feet deep to improve the existing screening and grit removal units at the plant by removing coarse sand, gravel and other large inert materials by installing new bar screens to remove large debris and grit.

The project was outlined Feb. 11 during a town hall meeting in northwest Atlanta that had been organized by Dist. 9 Atlanta City Councilwoman Felicia Moore to also announce the start of the redevelopment of the adjacent Moores Mill Shopping Center property by the Edens Company.

DWM’s Interim Commissioner of Water Treatment and Reclamation R. T. Parker said the project will improve the performance of equipment by reducing the debris and grit that comes into the system.

Last year, he said, DWM had to spend $4 million to replace equipment at the plant which this projects is supposed to eliminate.

The benefits of the project were listed as: alleviate adverse effects to the downstream wastewater treatment processes, provide additional grit removal during heavy rains, improve operational reliability and help avoid violations of the city’s wastewater discharge permit.

DWM Deputy Commissioner Robert Bocarro, who is relatively new on the job, said the pre-blast notification process has been completed, dealing with all properties within 1,000 feet of the blast area. Actual blasting—once a day—is scheduled to begin at 3:30 p.m. on Feb. 29.

Bocarro and the firm handling the blasting said the blasting will produce a rumbling noise rather than a real loud blast. The other adverse effect will be trucks entering and leaving the plant each

DWM Deputy Commissioner Robert Bocarro

DWM Deputy Commissioner Robert Bocarro

day for an extended period of time.

Trucks, however, will be hauling debris from the site throughout daylight hours, Bocarro told the audience that packed the Collins Memorial United Methodist Church on Bolton Road.

Adams Crossing resident Karen Hudson reminded the DWM representatives that there is an agreement in place not to allow trucks on Bolton Road in the residential areas. Bocarro said DWM would abide by that and also not have trucks using Ridgewood Road for the project.

Speaking to the DWM capital improvement plan, Bocarro said plans for the new R.M. Clayton plant entrance have been moved to the 6-10-year range rather than doing it now. He said the department’s Bellwood Quarry project will start this year with constructing a 10-foot tunnel to the Chattahoochee River.

Bocarro said that when the quarry work is completed in 2018, DWM will remove a 72-inch pipe next to Moores Mill Road at the Clayton Plant and the new plant entrance may be addressed at that time.

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