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Published on December 28th, 2015 |


Police find cache of robbery items after Buckhead home invasion attempt

(Editor’s Note: This story was updated with new information at 2:15 p.m. Monday, Dec. 28.)

Atlanta Police officers recovered a cache of weapons including a stolen gun, duct tape, rubber gloves, binoculars and other items dropped by the suspects following a home invasion attempt at the Buckhead home of author Danielle Rollins late Saturday night, at Blackland Road and Tuxedo Terrace.

The police chase through the wooded area,  with dogs and a helicopter overhead, had residents in the Chastain area on edge into early Sunday morning after reports of the activity were sent out

Danielle Rollins

Danielle Rollins

online over the Chastain Next Door information service and on Facebook.

Police responded to an alarm call the day after Christmas and were unable to chase down the suspects but recovered a black ski mask, glove and other items inside a backpack the suspects dropped as they were being chased from the scene of the attempted home invasion.

Inside the backpack were a “loaded Ruger SR9c 9mm with a 10 round capacity magazine with 7 rounds loaded,” the police report said. “A second magazine was located that had a 17 round capacity with 13 rounds loaded and a 9mm ammo box with 4 rounds left.”

Atlanta police reported that the gun was checked and “it came back stolen from the Sandy Springs Police Department,” according to the APD report. “The gun was taken in a burglary where the victim walked in on the suspect still inside his home.”

Also recovered from the backpack, according to the APD report, were “three particulate respirators, one Bushnell 16×32 binoculars, one small roll of duct tape, two small Mace brand pepper sprays, 14 black rubber gloves and one Verizon Blackberry (no battery or backing).”

(Editor’s Note: The following was BuckheadView’s original story posted Sunday evening.)

Residents in the Chastain Park area of Buckhead reported on the Chastain Next Door website and Facebook about a lot of police activity—including chases with dogs, helicopters, etc.—early Sunday morning in the area of Blackland Road and Tuxedo Terrace.

BuckheadView could not find an Atlanta Police incident report on this activity, so we are reporting on it based on the online reports of residents.

One neighbor reported on the neighborhood information service website that there were “two robbers that the police were trying to capture. They came to my door on Blackland Road and were spotted by the private security guard next door,” she wrote.

“There are police with dogs going through the woods between Tuxedo and Valley at the moment,” she reported around 12:30 a.m. “They (the robbers) dropped their backpack, which contained a gun, mace, ties, etc. The police said to keep your alarms on and stay inside,” she reported.

Danielle Rollins, who lives at Tuxedo and Blackland, reported on Facebook, “A short lived blissful break was brashly & boldly interrupted.

“I was downstairs unpacking boxes tonight (Saturday) and I was about to take them outside around 9:10 p.m. As I I went to open the door, I decided it would be a good idea to look at my security cameras before suspending my alarm. I discovered the feed to cameras was not working, suspecting they were cut again,” she reported.

“Then the hair on the back of my neck stood up, just as someone attempted to open the door handle,” Rollins wrote. “Calmly & rationally, assuming it had to be my security I hired after the last break in, I went upstairs to check. I heard male voices and shouting and I called my mother to come downstairs,” she added.

“As we were going door to door because she hadn’t heard anything, and I was thinking I was going crazy, the alarm was triggered,” Rollins continued. “The private security guard I hired after my last break in three weeks ago, and probably for the rest of my life now after this, chased at least two men, one black, one white, through a neighbor’s yard.”

Rollins reported, “My security believes they entered from a vacant property behind me then hopped over the back part of my neighbor’s fence, apparently pounded on neighbor’s door where he started pursuing them. They dropped a backpack containing items, including but not limited to, guns, mace and ties.”

Rollins reported that the APD responded immediately, blocking and securing the area, with helicopter and canine patrol.

“This is not a way to live,” Rollins wrote on Facebook. “At the very minimum, my very reasonable variance request to have a taller than the joke of 4-foot fence needs to go through after my 4th recorded break-in or attempted break-in. I should be freaked out, but I’m strangely numb.”

If you saw anything in Tuxedo Park area, have any information or security camera recordings to help police, please contact the Atlanta Police Zone 2 precinct. Also, email with any additional information.

(Editor’s Note: For further coverage of this incident, read the Atlanta Journal-Constitution story published Dec. 29 by clicking here.)

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