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GDOT confirms: No bike lanes on new Peachtree Road plans

It’s official! There will be no bike lanes on Peachtree Road between Deering and Pharr Roads. The Georgia Department of Transportation made the announcement official Friday, confirming what BuckheadView had reported earlier in the week on Wednesday.

Some of the Oct. 29 meeting attendees fill out their comment forms which were turned in to the GDOT representatives.

Some of the Oct. 29 meeting attendees fill out their comment forms which were turned in to the GDOT representatives.

“This is the public involvement process at work,” said GDOT Chief Engineer Meg Pirkle in a statement.

“Throughout the planning and development of this project, we have consistently looked for meaningful ways to engage the public; to listen to the concerns and ideas of various audiences; and to make sure that their input and comments were properly reflected,” Pirkle added.

GDOT’s new plan for Peachtree Road between Deering and Pharr roads include the construction of continuous two way left turn lanes, left turn lanes at intersections, and traffic signal modifications and timing adjustments, the department’s statement said.

There will be three lanes northbound, two lanes southbound, and a center turn lane from Deering Road north to a likely transition point at Peachtree Battle Avenue, according to GDOT.

There will be three lanes southbound, two lanes northbound, and a center turn lane from Peachtree Battle Avenue up to Pharr Road, GDOT said. Each intersection will now have a dedicated left turn lane.

A proposal to include bike lanes between Deering Road and Peachtree Battle Avenue was dropped when the community largely opposed the measure.

GODT received some 2,000 comments on its original proposal following an Oct. 29 public information meeting, with roughly 70 percent of them against adding bike lanes, the department said in its release.

The Buckhead Coalition advised against the inclusion of the bike lanes after a majority of its members said they didn’t want them. A survey conducted by the North Buckhead Civic Association also showed a majority of Buckhead residents opposed the bike lanes.

“Although bike lanes will not be part of this project,” Pirkle said in the GDOT press release, “we encourage our local partners to explore opportunities that reflect the recommendation in the Connect Atlanta Plan and the Cycle Atlanta Plan of providing bike facilities in the area.”

City Councilmembers Howard Shook and Yolanda Adrea, who represent most of Buckhead affected by the Peachtree Road plan, have announced their support for the Georgia Department of Transportation’s plan to reconfigure a 3.5 mile segment of Peachtree Road.

“We’ve always advocated that the number one goal of this and all other road projects in Buckhead must be to move the most cars in the safest and most efficient manner,” said Shook. “This is that plan.”
“The GDOT team has proven how well public input and great engineering can come together,” said Adrean. “And we are already developing exciting bicycle routes that will be much safer than the ones originally proposed for Peachtree.”

Construction on Peachtree Road, which primarily involves repaving and restriping of the road from Pharr Road south to Deering Road, will begin in fall of next year, GDOT said.

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2 Responses to GDOT confirms: No bike lanes on new Peachtree Road plans

  1. William McClure says:

    Looks like we’ll still have to wait for old people to die off who are still stuck in their suburban 1960’s delusion.

  2. Tom Gordon says:

    It appears that the solution the DOT is going to implement between Deering and Peachtree Battle is to take one of the southbound lanes and turn it into a dedicated left turn lane.

    This is traffic engineering by popularity contest at its best.

    All the studies done on the south end of Peachtree Rd by the adjacent South Buckhead
    communities apparently matter not, and all the recommendations by knowledgeable traffic engineers and internationally recognized urban planners really don’t matter when it is just so easy for unaffected communities (read: North Buckhead) to loudly say ‘no’. (these studies recommended the use of bicycle lanes for overall safety)

    Nobody got a good deal here.
    Bicycles will still be able to take up lanes southbound making Peachtree effectively one lane. Traffic racing through South Buckhead will still be angry. Bicycles will still have nowhere to legally travel except in traffic lanes. Pedestrians will still have to cross 6 lanes of traffic, if they survive traversing the narrow, un-buffered sidewalks.

    Oh, I’m wrong. Some of the Buckhead ‘leaders’ won. They got their way. Unfortunately they are not displaying real leadership, just populism.

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