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Published on December 4th, 2015 |


High-rise apartment/retail project planned next to Trader Joe’s

Two Buckhead Village institutions on Peachtree Road—York Furs and Dan Martin Flowers—are slated to be replaced by a high-rise mixed-use residential

Above is a rendering of the high-rise apartment/retail development Wood Partners plans for the corner of Peachtree Road and East Shadowlawn, next to Trader Joe's market.

Above is a rendering of the high-rise apartment/retail development Wood Partners plans for the corner of Peachtree Road and East Shadowlawn, next to Trader Joe’s market.

apartment/retail development that will rise 21 stories on Peachtree and drop to 13 stories around the corner along East Shadowlawn Drive.

The proposed Wood Partners development would bump right up against the Trader Joe’s grocery store property and would include over 220 apartments and some 5, 700 square feet of retail space on Peachtree Road that will wrap around onto East Shadowlawn.

The modern building design would have a largely glass exterior that the architects said is meant to be compatible with the nearby Terminus buildings at Peachtree and Piedmont roads. The architectural firm of Reese Vanderbilt designed the structure.

Architect Keith Vanederbilt explains the Wood Partners' project to the SPI-9 DRC, with display boards of the proposed building behind him.

Architect Keith Vanederbilt explains the Wood Partners’ project to the SPI-9 DRC, with display boards of the proposed building behind him.

Keith Vanderbilt presented the building plans to the Development Review Committee of SPI-9 (Special Public Interest district) on Wednesday, Dec. 2 and explained that the step-down of the building from 21 stories and 225 feet on Peachtree to 13 stories at the back along Shadowlawn is to conform to the height plane requirements due to neighboring residential properties.

The residential units of the building will be above six levels of parking deck, which will be accessed only off of Shadowlawn. There will be no Peachtree Road curb cut for a driveway into the development. The parking deck will accommodate 415 cars, 15-20 of which will be for retail customer parking.

The DRC members encouraged the architects and developer, Wood Partners, to find ways to dress up the walls of the parking deck—both along Shadowlawn and facing the Trader Joe’s store—to make them more interesting, active and appealing to passersby.

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    11 Responses to High-rise apartment/retail project planned next to Trader Joe’s

    1. Buckhead Betty says:

      NPU-B, you better be ready to nix this one. 400+ cars on Shadowlawn? Do you drive on Shadowlawn? That tiny side street can’t support the current traffic. In addition, the increased cut through traffic it would bring to already maxed out Buckhead Forest just isn’t feasible. Try again…

      • Jack says:

        This isn’t going into Buckhead Forest.

        • Buckhead Betty says:

          Not going into Buckhead Forest? Want to bet? Buckhead Forest is immediately across Peachtree from this development. There are countless times I can’t even exit my own neighborhood on one (much less two) traffic light cycles because Peachtree Road is bumper to bumper traffic and cars cannot turn north or south off of either East or West Shadowlawn. I’m not even talking about during church hours. Adding a deck for 415 cars means there will definitely be increased traffic through Buckhead Forest as drivers ignore the NO THRU TRAFFIC signs that are posted. They build parking decks for a reason. These people aren’t going to be sitting in their tiny apartments all day. Some of it is retail which will have cars coming and going adding to the gridlock on Peachtree at that intersection of Peachtree and Shadowlawn.

    2. says:

      WTH? Why do our elected officials allow all of this over-development when our roads will not support any more traffic!!!!!! ALSO – where will people park? These developments do not have enough parking for their tenants’ guests….they spill-over into our neigborhoods — causing litter and MORE crime!!!!!!

    3. TH says:

      NPU-B please reconsider the traffic flow challenges. East Shadowlawn cannot support the traffic influx. Most current small businesses utilize street parking for their customers. There will be total gridlock along this street dumping onto both Peachtree and East Paces Ferry. Too many high density properties along this corridor.

    4. debra vennes says:

      Cannot believe this!!!! -Totally insane idea with no input from the neighborhood.

    5. John Kolms says:

      Our officials must be paid by these people.

      All these new developments will have DOUBLED the number of residents living close proximity to the Lenox/Peachtree/Piedmont triangle.

      DO YOU NOT SEE HOW BAD TRAFFIC ALREADY IS? It takes 30 minutes to get to Pharr rd from GA 400 Lenox Exit during rush hour due to traffic!!!!! That is not even 2 miles!!

      What about parking?!

    6. Jack says:

      Please think people. More people living in Buckhead, in a walkable distance to the finance center, shops, and restaurants means less people driving into and around Buckhead.

    7. Alba Leone says:

      Buckhead Forest is already used as a CUT THROUGH FOR CARS from Peachtree Rd. to Roswell Rd. and from Roswell Rd. to Peachtree Rd. This very large development will only add more gridlock. Try getting across Peachtree and Shadowlawn during the start of the holidays, October thru January. It is impossible.

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