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Buckhead Coalition opposes bike lanes on any part of Peachtree Road

After polling its membership of 100 CEOs of major area firms, and collecting data from several community meetings on the subject, the Buckhead Coalition has taken a strong position in opposition to the proposed bicycle lanes on parts of Peachtree Road in Buckhead.

Another graphic that shows the proposed change in lane structure at Peachtree Battle Avenue, where GDOT proposes adding bike lanes to Peachtree south of Peachtree Battle to I-85.

Another graphic that shows the proposed change in lane structure at Peachtree Battle Avenue, where GDOT proposes adding bike lanes to Peachtree south of Peachtree Battle to I-85.

Coalition President and former Atlanta Mayor Sam Massell has written Georgia Department of Transportation Commissioner Russell McMurry stating, “We respectfully urge the state, our city, and our (Buckhead) CID to discontinue any further consideration of adding any such bike lanes on this public right-of-way.”

In his letter, Massell wrote: “From our members and from the general public, it appears that the argument we face concerning adding bike lanes now to part of Peachtree separates at about age 30 for those in favor against those opposed. On a popular vote, we believe that would calculate to as many as 63 percent being in opposition.”

Sam Massell

Sam Massell

However, Massell acknowledged this position profile is changing with the growing Millennial demographic. But for now, those who are older feel strongly about the safety factor if bike lanes are added to Peachtree Road, according to a Coalition press release.

The Mission of the Buckhead Coalition is “to nurture the quality life of those who live, visit, work and play in this (Buckhead) community,” Massell explained. “As such we see our position must be to oppose any restriping of any part of Peachtree in Buckhead (between I-85 and Club Drive) that includes bike lanes at this time.”

Massell came to this position after first establishing a strong identification with bicyclists, starting back 45 years ago when he was at City Hall and established a “Pedal Pool” with donated bikes for staffers to use when having short trips to make in and around Downtown.

Most recently, the Coalition provided bike racks for police cars for the bicycle-assigned officers to expedite arrival at their beats. He added to this a number of other illustrations, including that of paying dues to the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition.

Massell sent a copy of his letter (attached) to Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal, Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed, Council President Ceasar Mitchell, Buckhead City Council Representatives Howard Shook, Yolanda Adrean, and Mary Norwood and to Buckhead Community Improvement District Chairman David Allman.

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    5 Responses to Buckhead Coalition opposes bike lanes on any part of Peachtree Road

    1. Joe Seconder says:

      What is the basis of their argument? As a private citizen, we all are entitled to our opinions.

      For example, see my letter that I sent to GDOT, Atlanta, and state officials in support of bike lanes:


      Joe Seconder
      Major, US Army Reserve (Retired)

    2. Sara Chapman says:

      Thank you, Sam Massell, for this letter of opposition! Bike lanes do not make sense on this area of Peachtree Road. The number of curb cuts along this area of Peachtree between Peachtree Battle and Deering makes bikes a safety hazard. Decreasing the number of lanes on Peachtree in such a dense traffic area makes no sense. I appreciate the fact that the opposition that the neighbors are voicing is finally being heard!

    3. Greg Thomas says:

      The opposition to Peachtree Rd. re-striping makes the project sound like it is solely a concession to bicycle use at the expense of motorists.

      I believe a perspective, if not the clearly stated, official, primary objective, is that the project is intended to be lane re-alignment to improve traffic flow along the corridor and bicycle lanes are a meaningful bi-product.

      I hope everyone sees the improper characterization of the Peachtree Rd restriping project as grounds to dismiss Buckhead Coalition’s opposition. It should call into question the transparency of many things Sam has been a strong supporter of such as the “clean up” of Buckhead Village.

    4. george gillis says:

      I support retaining Peachtree Road as is.

      As a resident just off Peachtree Road just north of Peachtree-Battle, my concerns are:
      • a travel lane dedicate for left turns reduces roadway available for traffic
      • our curb lanes now are of limited value for travel due to right turning vehicles, Marta bus stops, and on-the-street parking for church, school car pools, and delivery vehicles
      • a traffic count of 45,000 vehicles daily is at the top of the scale for Atlanta, is lethal mixed with bicycles, and is certain to grow with multiple large condo, retail, and apartment developments already announced along Peachtree Road this year and next.

      I encourage GDOT to refocus on big city initiatives:
      • Optimum/safe travel speeds
      • Real-time light sequencing
      • Restrictions: curb parking, delivery trucks, bicycles, Marta stops and turn outs, left and right turns
      • One way arterial flows
      • Cleaner air
      • Alternate routes

      Thank you.

    5. Will says:

      I say good. Let the yoga-clad nimby bimbo housewives continue to clog up the roads in Buckhead on Peachtree Road in Land Rovers they can barely drive. Let the interesting people who enjoy walking and biking and not sitting in traffic for days on end enjoy better, more livable neighborhoods away from the tasteless suburban sprawl and gross McMansions of Peachtree Road’s boring and pretentious neighborhoods.

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