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1,084 in Buckhead respond to NBCA survey of GDOT’s road plan

The North Buckhead Civic Association recently surveyed Buckhead residents to get opinions about GDOT’s proposed lane changes on Peachtree Road between Pharr Road and I-85 (Deering Road) and received almost 1,100 responses from all over Buckhead.

The survey initially was aimed at North Buckhead residents. However, at the Buckhead Council of Neighborhoods meeting Nov. 12, other Buckhead neighborhoods were urged to participate in

Gordon Certain

Gordon Certain

the survey.

The survey ended on Nov. 16 so the results could be shared with GDOT in time for its deadline for public input.

Many had portrayed the issues concerning GDOT’s plans “as a tussle of pro-bike activists against pro-car reactionaries,” said Gordon Certain, president of the NBCA. “So, we probed a little deeper, asking several questions rather than one.” The major issues were thought to be bike lanes and the two-way left turn lane (TWLTL).

“We split GDOT’s ‘Peachtree Battle Hybrid Alternative’ in half, separately asking survey takers whether they liked the parts with and without bike lanes,” Certain reported.

“We also asked where the survey respondents lived (street name and ZIP Code), whether they rode bikes frequently, whether they rode longer distances on their bikes, and whether they would ride their bikes on streets as busy as Peachtree,” he added.

These are the top-level results for the survey’s 1,084 responses to GDOT’s plans:

Pharr to Peachtree Battle: Like 43%, Dislike 43% Undecided 14%. Peachtree Battle to Deering (I-85): Like 14%, Dislike 83%, Undecided,  3%

Certain said a surprise came when looking the part of the GDOT plan that proposed adding bike lanes to Peachtree. Both frequent bike riders and other survey takers disliked the plan’s proposed Peachtree Road bike lanes.

Peachtree Battle to Deering (With Bike Lanes): Rides Bikes Regularly (n=232) Like 21%, Dislike 77%, Undecided 2%. All Others (n=846) Like 13%, Dislike 84%, Uncertain 3%.

Certain reported, “As might be expected, 98 percent of the 44 bike riders who said they were willing to ride on busy streets like Peachtree Road liked the plan with bike lanes. But, amazingly, just 3 percent of the remaining 178 frequent bike riders liked that plan.”

To learn more about how Buckhead residents reacted to GDOT plans for a different lane arrangement on Peachtree Road, go to

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