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Published on November 11th, 2015 |


Mayor Reed vetoes use of Impact Fees to extend Moores Mill Rd.

In a move that again smacks of petty vendetta politics, Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed has vetoed the legislation passed by City Council that would have provided for the use of $800,000 in Impact Fees for the extension of Moores Mill Road from Bolton to Marietta Boulevard.

Dist. 9 City Councilwoman Felicia Moore, with whom Reed has continued ongoing battles since he became mayor, was the author of the legislation which was designed to kick

Mayor Kasim Reed

Mayor Kasim Reed

start the major redevelopment of the long-abandoned and derelict Moores Mill Shopping Center by the Edens Company.

Dist. 9 City Councilwoman Felicia Moore has fought every way to get the Moores Mill Road extension and the shopping center redevelopment started.

Dist. 9 City Councilwoman Felicia Moore has fought every way to get the Moores Mill Road extension and the shopping center redevelopment started.

Posting on Facebook, Moore told her constituents, “Sorry to post, but Impact Fee legislation for Moores Mill Road was vetoed late last night by Mayor Reed. Will post his letter later this morning.”

Moore told BuckheadView that she is in the middle of moving and has been unable to follow up much on the original Facebook posting, especially since City Hall is closed today for the Veterans Day holiday. Moore said talked to one person in City Hall who should know the reason for the veto, but that person reportedly said she did not know about it.

Moore has been championing the redevelopment of the Moores Mill shopping center property for well more than a decade. South Carolina developer Edens has been ready to begin work on the redevelopment for many years and secured a much-needed Publix supermarket as an anchor for the new center, which would include additional retail and a residential development.

According to Moore, the mayor reportedly vetoed the use of the Impact Fee monies—all of which came from developments in Moore’s Council District 9—saying that federal funds have been allocated for the road project. However, those federal funds have been held up for years.

“The mayor says we should use federal funds,” Moore posted on Facebook. But she told BuckheadView there has been no indication to her that the federal funds allocated for the project have been released to the city.

It did not take long for residents in the area to respond to the Facebook posting.

Brenda Bass posted: “Perhaps we should check west end area near belt line he signs all but then again his cronies are buying up the land.”

Will Curry posted: “What? I have a few questions. 1. Are there enough votes to override. 2. If not, are there federal dollars available? 3. What does this mean in terms of the timeline to completion of the project?”

Moore replied to Curry on Facebook: “1.not sure. 2. this is news to me. City hall closed, will investigate tomorrow. 3. Not sure of impact, if any. Will update as more info becomes available.”

And then there was the note sent to directly to BuckheadView from an avid follower of the Moores Mill shopping center story for more than a decade: “Now that’s total BS that Kasim vetoed the Moores Mill legislation. Petty politics sucks.”

(Editor’s Note: Stay tuned to BuckheadView for more on this story. There is likely to be a whole lot more reaction from northwest Atlanta constituents of Felicia Moore.)

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    5 Responses to Mayor Reed vetoes use of Impact Fees to extend Moores Mill Rd.

    1. Jim says:

      I was absolutely shocked when I first heard that Reed had vetoed this legislation. And what does it say when he vetoes something that the city council unanimously approved? Please email all of the council members and ask them to continue to support this measure.

      The ROI on a project like this is beyond obvious, so why are we STILL in this situation?

    2. Charlie L. says:

      Really embarrassed that we have this type of politics from our Mayor. While he courts the city’s billionaire sports team owners we have Felicia fighting for the every day citizens. piss poor mayor kasseem reed

    3. Dustin R. Hillis says:

      Business as usual from Reed. If fed funds were actually immediately available to the city, great, but they are not. If nothing else, the CMs should override the veto with the understanding the ordinance can and will be rescinded if the federal funds come through in a TIMELY manner. Reed stated in e-mail and FB post the funds would be available “as early as January 2016” but failed to provide an “as late as” date. He’s a snake oil salesman.

    4. NW Atlanta Resident says:

      Reed’s soul is revealed through his actions.

    5. Buckhead Betty says:

      It’s so sad that the people who voted this mayor into office have no clue about his shenanigans. Did they really think he was going to be good for our city??

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