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NBC’s new TV drama ‘Buckhead’ is ‘Garbage’…Why the apathy?

(Editor’s Note: Michael Crandal is a friend and business associate through the Buckhead Business Association. BuckheadView agrees with almost all the sentiments he offers in the following guest commentary piece.)

By Michael Crandal, Buckhead resident

Buckhead is set to have a namesake drama series on NBC-TV! Is it ignorance or apathy that nobody seems to care?

Yes ─ it’s true! Buckhead is indeed all set to have a major network namesake drama TV series! Woo-Hoo!

Buckhead resident Michael Crandal

Buckhead resident Michael Crandal

Next TV-season, “BUCKHEAD” is scheduled to appear on flat screens across the country!

I first became aware of this in an article via The BuckheadView in its 8/01/2015 edition. After seeing the great headline, I then read the details. I submitted a response to the editor that very same day. For those who care, my thoughts were published and can still be viewed there.

But ─ I did not stop with just the editor of The BuckheadView. Over the next two weeks I also directly contacted all of the following:

• Buckhead Volunteer Leadership Groups (3)

• Buckhead Civic Service Groups & Business Associations (5)

• Television: Local NBC 11-Alive staff (3)

• Radio: Popular radio program directors (2) and on-air personalities (3)

• Major Print Publications: You know their names! (3)

• Letters to the Editor: No acknowledgement and nothing published. (2)

• Atlanta Magazine: No response.

• Elected Officials: Atlanta Mayor’s Office, 2 City Council members, and a State Senator from Atlanta.

Beautiful neighborhoods nestled under a canopy of trees...that is Buckhead.

Beautiful neighborhoods nestled under a canopy of trees…that is Buckhead.

To date, I have received only a single acknowledgement indicating any care whatsoever. Why is this?

A major television series featuring the community that we are proud to live and work in is potentially a tremendous feather in our cap that no amount of promotion or advertising could buy!

I read a great article in a local business publication a few weeks ago with the headline, “How Atlanta woos companies to call the city their home.” It included a nice video featuring Mayor Reed offering accolades.

Many attractive things are listed such as: “Business-Friendly state and city government” and “Good quality of life.”

It is no secret that Buckhead offers much of what the city as a whole strives for in attracting business and indeed offers a very good quality of life.

Buckhead is arguably the community that most exemplifies Atlanta as a favorable “brand”.

And now Buckhead is set to have a major network namesake drama TV series! One that will showcase what we are all about. Really? C’mon. Really?

Vibrant upscale shopping and dining districts....That is Buckhead.

Vibrant upscale shopping and dining districts….That is Buckhead.

But ─ let’s take a second look at how our community is going to be portrayed. Brace yourself.

“Buckhead” is described by The Hollywood Reporter as, “A drama about ambition, sex and revenge set in the extravagant, high-stakes world of Atlanta politics, entertainment, churches and strip clubs.”

Hmmmm ─ read that again a few times and let it sink in.

The initial reaction of “Woo-Hoo!” ─ is suddenly replaced with, “Oh noo.”

If somebody wants to produce a TV-Series … movie … rap song … or a bad joke that embraces all of the words used to describe the above – fine!

But, why call it ─ “Buckhead”?

Instead, let’s just call it what it is – “Garbage”.

All of the many local civic service groups — associations — public interest organizations ─ churches ─ elected representatives ─ volunteer leaders ─ coalitions ─ livable this, or planning that —–

Newly revitalized parks for a place to pause and refresh...That is Buckhead.

Newly revitalized parks for a place to pause and refresh…That is Buckhead.

and local media should shake their collective heads over garbage being directly associated with where they invest their time, money and hearts for the betterment of all.

And, yet ─ after being directly made aware of all the details above ─ the response is seemingly one of collective ignorance or apathy.

This is definitely NOT just a perhaps personal or moral issue. Nope. It is also a very professional / business one.

From a business standpoint, a media product that shamelessly trumpets, “ambition, sex and revenge set in the extravagant, high-stakes world of Atlanta politics, entertainment, churches and strip clubs” — and splashes the title, “Buckhead” across television screens from coast to coast … sullies our brand.

It’s garbage. Really is. And, it just stinks that it is wrapped up in a single word “Buckhead” — and then served up for mass, nationwide, human consumption.

Let’s just call it what it is – “Garbage”.

Now then (to give all those I contacted over the past several weeks some degree of plausible deniability) perhaps their private server was wiped clean. Or, hopefully ─ some have been working

Volunteers working hard to make parks, greenspaces and the community more livable...That is Buckhead.

Volunteers working hard to make parks, greenspaces and the community more livable…That is Buckhead.

behind the scenes within their own power and scope of influence to dispose of this garbage properly. And, any day now ─ there will be a big announcement.

But ─ until that day, my original question to all those whose servers have not been wiped clean remains ─ “So what is it: ignorance, or apathy?”

The answer, so far, is clearly one of apathy.

Does anyone care?

By the way, to verify the facts, just google the words: Buckhead – Drama ─ NBC.

Michael Crandal, CNG
Atlanta, GA

(Oh, and one more thing, just in case you’re wondering. The letters after our author’s name Michael Crandal, CNG — stand for: Certified Nice Guy. Self-certified, by the way. But, a nice guy nonetheless. Mr. Crandal creates leadership and business ethics presentations.)

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    5 Responses to NBC’s new TV drama ‘Buckhead’ is ‘Garbage’…Why the apathy?

    1. CJS says:

      Soo…’re finally getting a taste of what is Morlocks below I-20 live with as a reality?

      Feeling misrepresented? Angry? Owned by the perceptions of others?

      Welcome to life, mike. Welcome to the day in, day out of the rest of Atlanta.

      When you want to do right be the whole city, rather than your spoiled enclave, get back to me.

    2. Matt Harshaw says:

      When I think of Buckhead, I think of ‘Garbage’. I’ve lived in and around Atlanta my whole life and as a whole, I find Buckhead to be generally all around unappealing. I guess I am biased since i do not have a six figure income, but the snooty attitudes, endless traffic of people who believe they own the road, and high prices of everything is exactly what i would not envision as a beacon of Atlanta. The city is much more than that. You wonder why there is no interest? it is because no one is interested in a rebranded Housewives of Atlanta tv show.

    3. Mary says:

      They forgot the bad drivers, jerks and traffic. Whether it’s called Garbage or Buckhead, the description sounds about right.

    4. Brian says:

      “Buckhead is people, my friend. Buckhead is people.”

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