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Published on August 5th, 2015 |


City to start Recycling Perks program Sept. 8 to reward residents

Beginning Sept. 8, the city of Atlanta Department of Public Works Cartlanta Recycling Program and the Mayor’s Office of Sustainability are partnering with Recycling Perks to reward Atlanta residents for their curbside recycling efforts.Recycle 3

Recycling Perks works with local businesses to provide discounts and freebies to incentivize residents for simply using their recycling carts.

Residents sign up for a free account at Recycling Perks, which takes less than a minute, according to Atlanta representative Rory Christian, who spoke to the board of Neighborhood Planning Unit-B Tuesday night.

This is an example of the new resident customer identification number and bar code tghat will be on the recycling recepticlesl

This is an example of the new resident customer identification number and bar code that will be on the recycling bins.

The city reportedly has issued 96,000 recycle carts. These carry an account number and bar code for automatic reading and are automatically matched to the resident account and reported back to Recycling Perks.

Points will automatically be posted and accumulate in the residents’ accounts. Active recyclers will accumulate 25 points per month, which equates to a savings per month of $25 in discount value at local businesses.

Residents can shop rewards 24/7 on The site is responsive to smartphones and tablets, according to Christian, so resident members can redeem the discounts wherever they are.

Residents can sign up for the program free at or call 855-813-2154.

According to Christian, this is the step-by-step process: Carts are delivered or retrofitted with the RFID tags, trucks are outfitted with scanner units, trucks scan carts on collection day and live data is transmitted to Perks, registered Perks members receive points in their accounts, members shop discounts on the site. Recycling rates are documented over time, with low participation areas targeted.

Curbside recycling is for household paper, cardboard, glass, cans, and plastics numbered 1-7. Recycling collection is the same day as garbage collection. Residents are asked to use their city-issued recycling bin or a larger bin clearly labeled “RECYCLING”.REcycle 1

All recyclables are placed together in the bin and are separated at the recycling processing facility. The only thing that should be bagged is shredded paper in a clear bag. All recycling must be clean and dry. A list of acceptable curbside recycling items is available on the city’s website:

No paper towels or tissues, plastic bags, hoses or wires, plastic pipes, plastic furniture, polystyrene, wood or building materials are allowed. For recycling bins and service questions, please call 311.

Here are a few tips for recycling items not accepted curbside by the city:
• Wire hangers may be returned to your dry cleaner
• Plastic bags, wraps, and film may be recycled at your local grocery or home improvement store
• Packing peanuts–take to UPS or shipping store

Atlanta’s recycling program saves money by diverting recyclables from the landfill, promotes waste reduction, gives recyclables a second life, recommends new recycling initiatives, implements existing waste reduction and recycling programs, and provides education about recycling programs and opportunities.

The Recycling division also serves as a liaison with local, state, and federal agencies on recycling issues to ensure responsiveness to problems and concerns, prepares grant proposals and maintains records on the city’s recycling programs.

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