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BuckheadView readers weigh in on pedestrian safety

BuckheadView’s recent coverage of a Buckhead Council of Neighborhoods (click here to view) clearly struck a nerve with our readers. At that meeting, Sally Flocks, president of PEDS (Pedestrians Educating Drivers on Safety) put it bluntly: “Walking is a challenge in Buckhead.”

Take a look at the comments below, and feel free to weigh in with your own:

“We live on Lindbergh Drive and my son (14 yrears old) has to cross the street to get to his school bus. His mom and I live in fear for his safety almost everyday, since people drive too fast in both directions and do not stop to give the right to cross. I have sent emails to City of Atlanta department of Public Works and nothing happened.

“Even adults find it very challenging to cross Lindbergh at any time of the day and any day of the week. There are pedestrian yield crossing signs at some crossing points, but no driver ever stops to allow pedestrians to cross. At the end of the day, we fear for our son’s safety everyday when he goes to catch his school bus.”

“What can also be done is to limit the length of time construction projects keep sidewalks closed. Some of them (eg, Buckhead Atlanta and Domain at Phipps) are closed for an unnecessary length of time. It is extremely frustrating and is amplified by our super blocks, to get halfway down a sidewalk only for it to be closed but there isn’t a crossing nearby.

“Drivers are also terrible at screaming up to a light or stop sign and only looking left so they can quickly turn right. If you are coming from their right on a run or even standing there waiting to cross they rarely see you.”

“Pedestrian safety is definitely something to fix first, but if Buckhead doesn’t get a greater variety of local/low-key/non-pretentious bars/cafes/restaurants/shops there’s no reason to walk in Buckhead in the first place. Currently Lenox and Phipps are mainly the only two destinations where people can walk to (more or less) and in addition to that Buckhead is filled with too many upscale, highly pretentious restaurants geared to the business traveler with no per-diem limit. This is no sense of community or does not feel like a buzzing neighborhood where there’s something for everyone and people are out and about. Too bad it is a beautiful place!


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