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Published on June 10th, 2015 |


APD investigating theft at Arthur Blank’s West Paces Ferry home

Atlanta police are reportedly investigating a theft—including iPads and expensive watches– that likely occurred Sunday night or Monday at the West Paces Ferry home of Atlanta Falcons owner Arthur Blank.

Police were called Monday night by a woman identified as Debra Fay Copeland who reported that three Apple iPads were taken from the residence, according to an incident report obtained by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Copeland reported to police that the iPads, worth about $2,500 each, were last seen in the house Sunday night. The iPads controlled multiple systems within the house and did not work outside, she told police. Efforts were being made to delete all data on them remotely, Copeland said.

The report obtained by the AJC also noted that two Rolex watches, valued at about $56,000 to $120,000 each, were missing. However, police reported it was not immediately clear if the watches were stolen or with Blank, who was traveling when Copeland noticed the items were missing.

On Wednesday, Atlanta Police said the watches were not stolen. The watches “have been accounted for,” Atlanta police spokeswoman Kim Jones said. No further details were given.

Copeland, whose relationship to Blank was not known to police, told police the house has been under construction for the last few months and that movers, electricians, plumbers and others have been in and out of it. She reportedly gave police contact information for the construction crew and the moving crew.

There reportedly was video surveillance on the outside of the property but not inside the house.

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    2 Responses to APD investigating theft at Arthur Blank’s West Paces Ferry home

    1. Charla Todaro says:

      Homeowners: the majority of the workers doing the labor on your renovation, new construction have not been screened for drugs and criminal history. Chances are, if the person doesn’t speak English, they are not legally allowed in US. Many people have access to your blue prints which contain detailed drawings of entrances, bedroom layout, security system, etc. I’ve worked in the design/ build industry for years. I know the above info is 100% accurate. Be smart, not cheap. Deal with reputable contractors who do background checks on their employees and don’t subcontract the work to the lowest bidder.

      • Charla Todaro says:

        The same applies to domestic/ in home workers. I know families who’ve hired their nannies without verifying background/ identity. The same nannies do notspeak/ understand English well. I’ve seen nannies at a playground near my home who were very rough with the young children in their care. Sad.

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