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Published on November 20th, 2012 |


Did you see the big crane move at Buckhead Atlanta?

The tall crane to the right in photo above was moving materials on Tuesday
morning. The materials being moved are at the center of the photo in the
gap[ between the two buildings. Below is a cropped version of the photo.

Listen up all you Buckhead nonbelievers!

On Oct. 31, BuckheadView reported that concrete was being  poured in one section of Buckhead Atlanta for the ground floor retail. We said watch for more in November.

In that Oct. 31 article we mentioned that a reliable Buckhead business/development source told BuckheadView  that the major work would begin in November and the tall cranes would likely start moving again.

By far the question most asked of BuckheadView is: “When will the tall cranes start moving and working again at Buckhead Atlanta?”

Well, Buckhead nonbelievers, one of the big cranes was moving this morning and was actually doing some work. BuckheadView took photos of it from a balcony at the Gallery condominiums, a few blocks south on Peachtree Road.

Now, the crane might have just been moving some materials from one place to another at the Buckhead Atlanta construction site, but it was moving and was doing work. And, it is only the 20th of November.

For those of us who have been waiting and waiting with great anticipation, it is a good sign….a blessing the Buckhead community can savor this Thanksgiving. Maybe more of the cranes will become active before Christmas. 

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